The Challenge

To ensure high availability and 100 % accessibility of the web portal and related infrastructure of that services diverse groups with components used for judgments by courts and lawyers,Publications used by international institutions, complaint wizard for marginalised and violated groups.


Design, Develop, WCAG 2.1 AA compliance


Organisation/ Government



Accessibility for everyone

Tekhne ensures high availability and 100 % accessibility of the web portal and related infrastructure

College Voor de Rechten van de Mens is the Netherlands institute of human rights that protects, highlights, and promotes human rights in the Netherlands. The web portal has a wide range of users from lawyers, marginalized groups, press, and other international and govt organizations.



What we delivered

Key features for the Human Rights portal

100% Accessibility

To ensure everyone can access the site

Fully secure site

Due to critical and private nature of content

Multifunctional API

To maintain and server publications and judgements

Easy step by step wizard

Completely anonymous and digital wizard to register human rights violations


Small sites and subdomains to support campaigns

Maintenance and hosting

Bug fixes, server and application updates

How we delivered it

To be in compliance with the EU directive for govt digital resources to be accessible, we along with ILUMY ran several custom scripted, automated and manual audits across 3000+ pages for compliance issues w.r.t WCAG2.1 AA standards.

The impact


WCAG 2.1 AA Accessibility compliance

Disabled people are one of the most marginalized groups when it comes to human rights violations. Making sure they have access and are actually able to, without difficulty and help of others make their complaint directly improves one of the core purposes of the site
Certification link:


“How can we help disabled people in the new COVID-19 society”

Together with the Human Rights Council of the Netherlands, we’ve build a platform / central point, where these new problems can be reported and where entrepreneurs can share their solutions.

This initiative was picked up by the media and showcased on national news

Client testimonial

Remco López

Communications & External Affairs Advisor

Together with Tekhne we developed a planning, several feedback moments and a working-method to make sure that both content-related issues from our side and designer-issues from their side were fixed on time, and the results speak for themselves; we were successful in obtaining our Fully Accessible certificate WCAG 2.0 before the governmental deadline.
I believe that Tekhne possesses the capacity and dedication to make sure that your website becomes fully accessible and enjoyable.

How we deliver?

Our implementation method is based on the Agile framework of Scrum. Using Scrum, sprint plans are created which contains a series of tasks to meet a particular requirement - system and technical mandatories, functionality development, and design enhancements. The duration of a sprint cycle and release is every 4 weeks.

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