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Unleash Lightning Fast Site Speed ️ (and soar in SEO rankings)

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Dramatic improvement in site speed. 4 days. Or you get your money back.

Your Shopify store can experience the same enhancement!

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Why settle for slow load times when you can have the BlitzBoost advantage?

Our AI-driven solution is designed to skyrocket your site’s performance.

AI - Optimized Speed

Our advanced AI algorithms work round-the-clock to ensure your pages load at top speeds.

SEO Boost

Faster load times mean higher search engine rankings, driving organic traffic straight to your store.

Conversion Growth

A swift site translates to happy customers and a significant uptick in sales.

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"Boosting Bodycraft's PageSpeed from 4 to an amazing 84 on mobile was a milestone! This dramatic leap propelled our website's performance, skyrocketing user engagement and conversions. The team's damn good at this."

Kapil Sharma, Marketing Manager - Bodycraft


Join the ranks of our satisfied clientele who have revolutionised their site's performance with BlitzBoost.

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"Taking Neemli Naturals' mobile PageSpeed from 24 to a whopping 81 was like flipping a switch. Suddenly, our site became a place where customers could shop smoothly and quickly on their phones, leading to happier feedback and more sales. Huge thanks to the team for making this magic happen!"

Surya Seth, COO - Neemli Naturals


Our 3-step PageSpeed
Optimization Process


Comprehensive Speed Audit
We kickstart with a quick yet detailed analysis of your site using advanced tools, identifying all factors that slow down your site.


Strategic Optimization
Based on the audit, we implement targeted optimizations - from compressing files to enhancing server response - to swiftly boost your site's speed.


Performance Comparison
After optimizations, we present a before-and-after speed comparison, giving you a clear view of the significant improvements achieved.

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faqFrequently Asked Questions

How does improving PageSpeed affect my website?

Faster PageSpeed leads to improved user experience, lower bounce rates, better engagement, higher conversion rates, and improved SEO rankings as page load time is a factor considered by search engines.

Will optimizing PageSpeed disrupt my website's current functionality?

No, PageSpeed optimization should not disrupt your website's functionality. BlitzBoost ensures that all optimizations are compatible with your site’s existing features and functionality.

Can PageSpeed optimization help with mobile users?

Absolutely! Mobile users often experience longer load times due to data constraints. PageSpeed optimization can significantly improve the mobile user experience, which is essential as mobile browsing continues to rise.

How long does it take to see results from PageSpeed optimization?

With BlitzBoost, you'll start seeing improvements in your website's loading times within 72 hours after the optimization process begins.

Is PageSpeed optimization a one-time fix?

While initial optimizations can have a significant impact, the internet is always changing. Regular audits and updates are recommended to maintain optimal PageSpeed.

Do I need to have technical knowledge to implement these optimizations?

No technical knowledge is needed on your part. BlitzBoost's team of experts will handle all the technical work, ensuring your website is optimized effectively without requiring you to delve into the code.

How is PageSpeed optimization priced?

BlitzBoost offers different pricing plans based on the size and complexity of your website. Contact us for a quote tailored to your specific needs.

What makes BlitzBoost different from other PageSpeed optimization services?

BlitzBoost uses an AI-driven approach to continuously optimize your website for speed, ensuring that it remains fast and efficient as new technologies and standards emerge.

How can I monitor the impact of PageSpeed optimization?

BlitzBoost provides you with detailed reporting and real-time analytics to monitor your website's performance before and after optimization.

Our AI-Powered Guarantee

Our automated code analysis process along with seasoned
PageSpeed experts ensure a guaranteed delivery.

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We’ve helped more than 300+ startups and enterprises optimise their PageSpeed.