The Challenge

Artipoppe as a brand represents women empowerment, confidence and modernity. Tekhne is responsible for translating their bold identity, sustainable product portfolio and educational content into a global digital platform.


Strategy, Develop, Grow





Digital brand empowerment

Continuous development model to elevate customer experience

Artipoppe is a beautifully designed baby carrier. To enable them digitally, we apply a multidisciplinary A-team that covers several critical touch points ranging from UX, frontend & backend, quality assurance, SCRUM, SEO to project management. We meticulously build features that enhance their brand mission and vision at an ever increasing velocity. 

What we delivered

Key features for Artipoppe

Integrated ecommerce

Seamless entry points between the and shop platform.


Inspire women and mothers with a lookbook, latest photoshoots and Artipoppe buzz.


As part of conversion optimisation activities, we continuously monitor and upgrade pagespeed.

Agile sprint team

continuous development sprint and release cycle with a 4 week rhythm

Global search

Guided search experience including autofill for different types of baby carriers.

Simplified navigation

Easy-to-use menu that lets users discover, learn and shop.

How we delivered it

We work closely with Artipoppe as an extension of their team. Following agile scrum principles, epics are segmented into user stories. Scope is always flexible with quick feedback loops developing a team cadence. As an outcome, this means alignment not only with the product roadmap but also an active participation in growing the platform’s experience.

The impact


Increase in site speed & core workflows

Apart from generic issues of stability and security this was impacting the performance and causing issues with SEO thus increasing customer bounce rate. After optimisations, site speed increased by almost 20% in areas of search, product flow, project pages and sample ordering.


Improvement in funnel entry points

By simplifying the navigation and enhancing the UX, we improved the discovery process for users with the goal of increasing conversion, in a meaningful and relevant manner.

Client testimonial

Floris van der Kooij


Over the last few years we have worked intensively with Tekhne. They have made major changes to our website, webshop and hosting environment. We experienced that quality assurance is very well managed and the availability during (but also outside) office hours is very good, making us feel confident in case of rolling out our online plans as well as in any unforeseen situation that occurs.

How we delivered success

Our implementation method is based on the Agile framework of Scrum. Using Scrum, sprint plans are created which contains a series of tasks to meet a particular requirement - system and technical mandatories, functionality development, and design enhancements. The duration of a sprint cycle and release is every 2 weeks.

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